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Happy Christmas and Happy new year. Get 20% OFF with code "HC20"
Happy Christmas and Happy new year. Get 20% OFF with code "HC20"
How To Clean Heated Apparel

How to wash the heated vest

How to wash the heated jacket

Heated apparel needs good care, especially after use. You might need to wash it to keep it clean. So let’s talk about how to clean it right and you’ll have it forever.
-Step 1
First things, disconnect and remove the battery pack from the battery holder. When you wash it, ensure nothing is left in your pockets.
-Step 2
Secondly, Remember to put the power cable back into the power and zip it CLOSED. We don’t want it getting wet! The pocket could protect the cable and make sure it would not get wet.
-Step 3
Next up, we highly recommend hand washing or machine washing your apparel in cold water ONLY. If you’re going to put it in the washer, use a laundry or mesh bag on a gentle cycle. Never use bleach! Cleaning solvents that strong could cause the heating insulation to deteriorate. Once the apparel is done washing, hang dry. That’s it.
-Step 4

After washing, try to hang it up and wait until it is dry.

You can also watch the video tutorial here.

One last tip, do not wring or twist the apparel and do not use dry cleaning fluid.
With these tips, you will take good care of your heated apparel and enjoy your winter life.

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