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How to use a heated vest

How to turn on a heated vest

A heated jacket is a great way to stay warm, and it can be an effective tool for winter sports like winter bass fishing, winter hunting and even hanging out camping with family and friends.People might have questions about how to turn on and off their heated apparel.

Here are some tips about how to use your heated apparel.

What is a heated apparel?
A heated apparel is an insulated apparel that uses heating pads or an electric heating element to keep the wearer warm. The most common types of apparel use battery-powered heating pads inserted into pockets on the inside of the jacket, which then transfers heat from one side of the pads to another. You can wear the heated jacket without the battery as a jacket and heat it up when you need it.

There are many styles and sizes available for both men and women. A heated jacket typically costs more than a regular winter jacket, but it is totally worth it.

How to turn on a heated apparel
A heated jacket is typically powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries.

First, plug the power cord of your heated jacket into the power bank. When plugged in, the light of the heated jacket will be on, and the heated jacket is on.

Next, turn on your heated jacket by pressing its power button. Once turned on, you'll likely feel the warmth emanating from it immediately.

You can adjust the heating setting depending on how hot you like it.For instance, DOACEWear heated jacket has 3 temperature settings (blue-low,green-medium,red-high)and 3 pad settings(Stomach,back,shoulder). You can decide where to heat up and how to heat it. On low, the temperature of the jacket can get up to 113°F/45°C, on medium 131°F/55°C, and on high 149°F/65°C.

How to turn off the heated appareal
Plug it out of the power bank when you want to turn it off. You can also long press the button to turn all heating pads or specific pads off. It is all up to your need.


If you feel not very warm when using the heated apparel, you can read "Troubleshooting for heated apparel". We hope you can learn how to turn on and off the heated apparel from this article and enjoy your winter time better.

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