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Happy Christmas and Happy new year. Get 20% OFF with code "HC20"
Are heated vests worth it?

Are heated vests worth it?

In recent years, a heated vest has become a must-have item in winter and spring. Comments say that it can not only easily cope with temperature changes, but also match with various styles of clothes. But is this the case? Is the electric heated vest popular on cold days worth buying?

What are the benefits of a heated vest?

In cold weather, if you wear too much, you will feel inconvenient to move, and if you wear too little, it is easy to catch a cold. Wearing a heated vest is just suitable. So what are the benefits of heated vests?

Stay Warm

The heating sheet of the heated vest uses carbon fiber heating wire as the heating material. It has good electric heating performance and fast heating speed. The heating sheet is very soft and lightweight, and there is no strange feeling when wearing it. The heated vests have a very good thermal effect. For example, the DOACEWear heated vest can reach the highest temperature within a few minutes by heating with one button on the clothes; the vest has three temperatures adjustable, the heating temperature is 45℃~65℃, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the body. In addition, the vest can keep warm at a constant temperature, so that the body can be kept warm and not affected by humidity and cold.

Less Prone to Injury

It is cold in winter, and staying in a warm room for a long time may degrade the functions of each part of the body. Therefore, it is better to go out on a sunny day to promote the body's absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Also, a drop in temperature helps to lose excess body fat. The warm-up activities before winter sports must be fully done, due to the low temperature, the extensibility of human muscles is reduced, and the joints are relatively stiff, resulting in muscle strains and joint sprains. Wearing a heated vest can easily achieve a satisfactory warm-up effect. Wait until your body sweat slightly and the pores open, which can reduce the possibility of sports injuries.

Enjoy Outdoor Even in Winter

The outdoor experience of different weather is different, even the very cold season has its beauty. While it's easy to stay indoors and binge-watch TV until spring arrives, it's even more pleasing to go outside for a fun winter with ice fishing, skiing, snowboarding, and more. Go camping with your friends and family, don't forget to bring DOACEWear heated vest and enjoy a different winter by roaring a bonfire on a cold winter night.

Improve Your Fishing and Hunting Performance

Winter is coming! Are you ready to face icy temperatures and get their fish on? Fishing is a test of patience, especially in cold weather, it is easy to be shivered by freezing and the fish will go away, so bring a heated vest with you to get a large catch. Hunting in winter is also a hard task. What you have to overcome is heavy snow and cold weather. The former we cannot change, but a heated vest will provide you with continuous heating of your body to a large extent, which will make your actions more flexible.

How much Does a Heated Vest Cost?

Heated vests generally cost tens to hundreds of dollars, and they are very practical and popular. However, when purchasing heated vests and other heating clothing, consumers also need to keep their eyes open to avoid buying fake, shoddy, and counterfeit products. Branded and quality-assured heated vests are the best choice when you have to choose. DOACEWear provides the customer with a 1-year warranty and 7-day hassle-free returns in the U.S. buy with confidence.

What will happen if you don't have a heated vest when super cold outdoor?

Exposing a person to an unbearable low temperature for a long time can lead to many problems and even more serious consequences.


You will suffer from the coldness

Do you like cold weather, usually, you want to hide in your beds at home? Do you use to go outside to exercise? but now completely give up the idea of ​​exercising. Some people are already depressed, and the cold weather may lead to emotional collapse. Too cold will also make you feel sluggish, unmotivated, and unable to concentrate, which greatly reduces work efficiency.

You might lose lots of energy and it could be dangerous

In cold weather, the body consumes a lot of heat. The normal internal body temperature of a person is generally 37 ℃. If it drops to 35℃, the body function will decline, and the symptoms of hypothermia will begin to appear. People can stay awake at first and raise their body temperature by shivering. However, when the body temperature drops to 33 ℃, people may lose part of their memory. At 28 ℃, most people lose consciousness. When the body temperature is lower than 21 ℃, the blood vessels in the limbs are constricted, blood returns and blood pressure rises sharply, which may cause a heart attack.

You Might Get Cold Related Illnesses

The most common recurrent cold. Although the low temperature is not the direct cause of colds, it can reduce a person's immunity and make those who have been infected with the virus but have no obvious symptoms aggravated. Colds caused by colds are often not easy to treat, and they are prone to recurring attacks after being cured.

In the cold winter, people are not only susceptible to colds, pneumonia, myocardial infarction, stroke, and other diseases but also the mortality rate of almost all diseases will increase.

The time of day with the highest mortality rate is 3-5 a.m. because this is the time when the body temperature and outside air temperature are at their lowest point, and asthma attacks and atopic dermatitis symptoms also occur during this time.

Are heated vest safe?

If you operate the heated vest following the instruction, the heated vest is safe to use. Most of the heated vest use lithium-polymer and lithium-ion batteries which means the voltage is low. You don't need to worry about electrical hazards. Also, it is important to keep in mind that never get the wire connector and your heated vest super wet or moist even if most of the heated vest is water resistant. If you have any unsure questions, you need to confirm with the brand about the details for safety.


Investing in heated apparel will be a worthy idea if you plan to spend time enjoying your winter outdoor time. It will make your outdoor life safer and healthier. What do you think?If you wanna keep fashion too, check out our "How to style your heated vest" for more fashion tips.

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