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Happy Christmas and Happy new year. Get 20% OFF with code "HC20"
Happy Christmas and Happy new year. Get 20% OFF with code "HC20"
Heated apparels list for winter camping

Heated apparels list for winter camping

It's important to stay warm in the winter, and it's important when you're active outdoors. When you're out camping or skiing, fishing or hunting, you don't want to be shivering with cold because your jacket isn't cutting it. If you live in a colder climate, like Chicago where I grew up, there are plenty of good options for staying warm when you're outside. Now with the heated apparel, people have one more option. It can keep your core body temperature regulated and warms up your extremities by using electric heating pads that can be controlled individually. Best of all, most the heated jacket can last 6-7 hours outdoor. I will bring 2-3 power banks when I go weekend camping. Also, there are others products except a heated jacket to keep me warm. Here is the list of DOACEWear apparel for my winter weekend camping.

1)Hand warmer
You don't want your hands freezing when you are hunting during your camping. I would wear gloves to keep my hands protected and also I will get a hand warmer to generate some warmness. It can improve my figure flexibility and also keep my hands warm. It can also be a power bank to my heated jacket and heated socks.

2)Heated Socks
You can't sleep well with cold feet. If your feet get too cold, it will also cause pain, swelling, and the formation of blisters. So warming your feet before bedtime will be great for a good rest outdoor. I will wear up my heated socks and heat them up for 2 hours before my bedtime. I compared my sleep quality by smartwatch if I use the heated socks or not. If I wear heated socks, my deep sleep time is 16% more and the sleep quality is better. Since then, I will always bring my heated socks with me when I go camping.

3)Heated vest
Hunting when snowing is lots of fun. I will not wear the heated jacket cause it is black and so visible. I will wear a heated vest inside my grey camouflage. It can keep me warm and keep being invisible. Then I can be more patient for the best time to go even it is snowing outdoor.

Here are DOACEWear gears I would bring for my winter outdoor. Keep checking back on this guide as I will add more latest gears!
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