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Happy Christmas and Happy new year. Get 20% OFF with code "HC20"
How to keep your heated vest during summer?

How to Clean Battery Heated Clothing

The electric heated vest is a must-have item in winter and spring, which can easily cope with temperature changes. But it is not needed during summer, so there is a question:How to Clean Battery Heated Clothing?

Briefly introduce how to do laundry on a heated vest

Step 1: Take out the power bank

To clean the heated vest, whether it is hand-washed or machine-washed, the battery needs to be removed, otherwise, the battery and the washer may be damaged.

Step 2: Clean surface stains

Before washing, you need to put the interface wire of the heating vest back into the pocket and pull back the zipper. For spots with dirt and dry sweat, spray a mild detergent on the stain and let it sit for about 30 minutes before washing.

Step 3: Wash in water

If you choose to hand wash, just wash the heated vest as a normal vest. If you choose to machine wash (do not dry clean), press the gentle mode and put it in a laundry mesh bag to avoid damaging it. 

Step 4: Dry the heated vest

After washing, it needs to be dried in a place with sunlight or natural ventilation. Do not machine dry to prevent the insulation layer of the heating element from aging.

More info you can read here to learn how to do the laundry of heated vest.

Why need to keep it after laundry

The bacteria on the heated vest are invisible to our eyes. If it is not cleaned for sealed and stored, factors such as temperature rise, poor air circulation, and high humidity are easy to breed mites. It also carries germs and allergens. Inflammatory reactions will occur at the site or even in other parts, and erythema, papules, blisters, etc. will appear, and it is easy to induce allergic asthma and allergic rhinitis. Mold grows over time, and those stains you can't see will show up and won't be easy to clean when you take the vest out next winter.

How to maintain your heated vest?

The heated vest consists of three parts: vest and charge cable, so we should make sure all the three are safe and prepared before putting them in storage. Wash the vest first. Please refer to the above steps, and then check the other two aspects, please see the instructions below.

Plug care

  • Check cables and plugs to see if there are cracked or exposed wires.
  • Do not cut or splice cables or plugs.
  • Check the internal health of the plug, looking for worn, corroded, and loose plugs.
  • Check the battery harness, and keep it healthy.

Prepare the heated vest for storage

Once you take steps to clean your clothes and make sure they are dry inside and out. Check the cable and plug, then tuck the plug into the zippered pocket inside your vest and close the zipper. If there are any items inside your vest pocket, take them out.

It is recommended to store the prepared heated vest in a vacuum bag, which can not only prevent the clothes from getting wet during storage but also prevent insects and bacteria from growing. It is very convenient to store!


Check the vacuum bag for damage

-Arrange the vest, put the tidy heated vest into the vacuum bag, and seal the mouth of the bag.

-Use an air pump or an electric air pump to draw out the air in the bag, and seal the air hole.


To keep your heated jacket looking great next year, clean it thoroughly before storing it in the summer. We hope you learn How to clean battery heated clothing by this blog.  Make sure your heated jacket is on summer vacation and keep it in a dry, cool place. Follow these steps outlined above and your heated vest could be used for a longer time.

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