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DOACE heated jacket with 14400mAh battery

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Indulge in Widespread Warmth: Experience unparalleled coziness with our heated jacket featuring 8 cutting-edge carbon fiber heating elements strategically placed across key body areas. Revel in the warmth cascading from two on the waist, two on the shoulders, three on the back, and one on the neck. Swiftly heating up within seconds, it envelops you in a comforting embrace.

Intelligent Heat Management: Elevate your comfort with the DOACE heated jacket, equipped with a formidable 14400mAh 12V battery pack. Navigate through 4 customizable heat settings effortlessly with a simple press, and enjoy the ease of powering ON/OFF with a 3-second long press. The preheating Red LED light blinks dynamically upon activation, seamlessly transitioning to medium heat after 5 minutes of inactivity. Decipher the heat levels easily with the vibrant indicator colors - red for high, white for medium, and blue for low. Revel in up to 8 hours on low, 5 hours on medium, and 3.5 hours on high settings.

Thoughtful Design for Every User: Our heated jacket boasts a user-centric design, ensuring rapid warmth infusion through the 12V UL/CE-certified battery. The accompanying power bank flaunts 2 USB ports, a Type-C, and a micro USB port, transforming it into a versatile device capable of charging smartphones and other gadgets. Simultaneously charge up to 3 devices, delivering ultimate convenience and portability.

Exquisite Craftsmanship, Timeless Style: Crafted from high-quality polyester fabric, our heated jacket not only guarantees softness and comfort but also boasts excellent breathability and insulation. The classic hooded design adds a timeless touch, and the easily detachable feature enhances flexibility. Unleash your practical side with 11 thoughtfully placed pockets, including two zippered chest pockets, two on the left arm, one on the right arm, an inner storage pocket for the power bank, and three additional pockets within the jacket. Embrace the slim fit, tailored to suit the preferences of most men. Experience warmth and style seamlessly fused in this premium offering.

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1*heated jacket

1*user manual

1*laundry bag

1*12V-14400 power bank

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Machine washable
Up to 16 heating pads
3 heating levels
Breathable design

Fast heating:2.0 heating system could heat the heated vest faster than the 1.0 heating system

3-stage heating option: You could adjust the temperature based on your need

SBS zipper: Smoother zipping experience

Machine washable: Keep your heated jacket clean and new easily

Far-infrared magnetic therapy lining: Keep the warmth longer inside the jacket

External Strap: Hang your heated jacket easier

Safety light: The heating buttons could be recognized as a safety lights for your safety

Nanofibers wire heating-Heating: Get warm faster and safer, more comfortable

Multiple protection:Waterproof,Windproof and Scrape-proof design makes you ready for the challenge.

Read to go jacket

Multiple pocket design,strap design,detachable hood. Ready to go anytime

Magic tap

Feel free to choose your magic tap you love

Hood design

Resist the cold wind when outdoor

QC3.0 battery

QC3.0 battery

Not just a battery for your heated jacket, also for your Phone,pad charging.