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Heated Vest: Things You Should and Shouldn't do

Heated Vest-Things Shouldn't do

1. Don't charge the heated vest directly
All the goodness of the heated vest grinds to a halt when the battery drains down. To make the most of a heated vest, it is pertinent to keep it alive through the frequent pumping of current into it. A heated vest could be charged conveniently by the portable power bank. 10000mAh capacity power banks are the best for using a heated vest for more extended hours because it is a perfect capacity that can assist its charging to make it last longer. Please remember always to charge the power bank but not the heated vest directly.

2. Don't machine wash the heated vest with the power bank in it
Some vests allow you to machine wash them, while others are strictly hand wash only. Always read your instructions and make sure that you remove the battery before washing, and run them on a gentle cycle. Always remember to remove the power bank and keep the USB cord in the pocket before your machine washes it.

3. Turn on the heated vest before you need it
If you are going outside, we recommend turning on the power 15 minutes ahead of time. It is preferable if you allow time for the vest to warm up. Press and hold the button on the chest of your vest for 3 seconds until you see the red light blinking slowly.

4. Remove the power bank before you go to bed
It shall be no problem but we still suggest you remove the power bank before you go to bed. Why? Just like you should unplug some appliance when you don't need to use it. We are pursuing 100% security.

5. Don't turn on the heater before it is completely dry
If the heated vest is washed outdoors or gets wet, it can be damaged at high temperatures, so it is important to dry the vest at a low setting. You can air-dry the heated jacket by laying it flat on a towel and pulling it apart. Turn it over periodically for faster drying. If it is wet, we recommend that you remove the power bank immediately without turning on the heating.
Don't Pick up the heated vest size without measuring
The heated vest is different from the general vest because the heating pads are included in the heated vest. Taking accurate body measurements is one of the keys to getting a great fit. To get started, you will need to prepare a tape measure first! It's easier to ask someone else to measure, but you can also measure yourself. Just stand in front of the mirror and you'll know that the tape is in the correct position. For sleeveless heated clothing, the chest, hips, and shoulders should be measured. Heated garments that fit will look good while staying comfortable and warm without restricting your movement.

Knowing these things you should and shouldn't do with your heated vest could help you to use it safer and more comfortably. Hope these tips could help you.

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