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How long could the heated vest warm me up?

How long could the heated vest warm me up?

The temperature of the heated vest can be adjusted freely, which can easily cope with temperature changes. When it warms up, and there is no need to heat the body, stop the heating function and wear it as a general vest. You may wonder how long the battery lasts when wearing heated apparel outside. Let's talk about this below:

How long does the battery last?
Most electric heated vests can last up to 8 hours on low settings. Maybe only two or three hours at high. It depends on the battery. Using a 20000mah last longer than a 10000mah one. So if you need to keep warm for a long time, you can buy an extra battery or two. If you have the power station, you can replace the battery then the heated apparel can last longer.
how long does a haeted vest warm up
Takes DOACEWear apparel as an example—the power bank powers on DOACEWear heated apparel. The highest temperature can be reached within 5 minutes by one-button heating through the button on the clothes. Using a 15,000 Ah phone power bank could last 5 hours in all high modes, 7 hours in all medium modes, and 10 hours in all low modes. Three temperature stages from low to high are 113℉,131℉, and 149℉.

Fully charge before you go out

  • Get two power banks, and then you could heat up longer
  • Adjust the heat level when it is not super cold to save the power
  • Choose a branded, quality-assured electric heated vest

How could I know if my power banks could power the heated apparel

  • Check if the output port fits the heated apparel
  • Try it before you go outdoors to ensure it works
  • The power bank must be over 5v 2A for the DOACEWear heated apparel.

Power bank for DOACE Wear heated vest

If you get a 2 power bank over 20000mah,It will be no problem if you use it for outdoor work and light outdoor adventure. But if you will use it for a whole day, we suggest you get an extra power bank or even a solar polar pad for your need.

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