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How to choose the right heated apparel?

How to choose the right heated apparel?

There are many different kinds of heated apparel. So how to choose the right heated apparel for your need for some guidance. When buying a heating vest, you need to pay attention to the heating element, style, and convenience,battery life. Here is the tip.

Pay attention to the heating elements
The most established and commonly used heating element materials on the market are carbon fiber heating wire and metal fiber composite wire. In addition to being the best at generating and spreading heat, carbon fiber and metal composite fibers are also very flexible and resistant to pulling, bending, and longevity. They can also be gently washed in the washing machine, so it is best to choose a heating vest made of carbon fiber or metal composite fiber.

See which kind of heated apparel you need
Select your heated apparel based on what activities you are going. Choose a heated vest that is lightweight and has a convenient battery pocket. Choose a fleece heated waistcoat if you are going to dress up for a business meeting, it keeps the warm inside your jacket and coat, you will not be embarrassed because the waistcoat is exposed, and you can match the outerwear arbitrarily. choose a heated jacket or heated vest if you are going camping, or fishing in the winter season, keep warm for up to 8 hours, and no more worry of coldness.

Check the size chart first
Which size I should choose? A fitted heated vest works, and when the heated vest fits, it prevents heat from escaping through the collar, sleeves, and waistline. Measure your body with a measurement tape, and use the smart size app on the wesbite if they have one in the shop to make sure you get the right size. Ask the customer service if you are still not sure.
how to choose right size heated apparel
How to choose your battery for heated apparel?
If you are going to spend whole day fishing in the winter, 20000wah power bank might be a better option. It could provide more than 7-8 hours heating in medium mode to keep you warm and 2-3 hours in highest mode. If you just wear it to work and only need to warm up for 1-2 hours, the general power bank for phone charging will be just cool.

Buy in advance
In case you need to exchange, we will suggest you buy and try 1 week before you plan to use the heated apparel. If you are planning a trip, make sure you check if you could bring it to the airplane. For more info, feel free to check here.

Heated apparel could keep you warm in winter after winter. It is worth spending time to get the right one for you, then you can use it freely in the next. Just follow our guide to choosing a suitable one for yourself.
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