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How electrical heated vest work

Troubleshooting for heated apparel

Are you having trouble getting your electrical heated vest to work? If so, this blog will be for you. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the common reasons why your heated vest may not be working and how to adjust.


Check the power sources

The first thing to check is the power source. Most heated vests require a power bank to provide the necessary power. If the power bank is not properly connected or is not providing enough power, the heated vest will not work. Make sure the power bank is fully charged and properly connected to the heated vest. Most heated vest needs a power bank to provide power to the heated vest, if you disconnect the power bank and the heated vest, the heated vest will stop working. Remember, never plug the heated vest into the outlet because it might damage your heated vest.

If you charge the right battery and still not working, you might need to check if the cable line is fine. If the cable line is damaged, the heated apparel will not be able to turn on.

Turn on the heated vest

Another common issue is the temperature setting. Many heated vests have adjustable temperature settings. If the temperature setting is too low, the heated vest will not provide enough heat and you will not feel warm then you think the heated vest is not working. Sometimes you turn it off but you forget to turn it on. So make sure the temperature setting is set to the desired level. If you don't know how to adjust, you can read the user manual or go to the brand to ask for support.


About the power bank

If you get the wrong power bank for your heated vest, your heated vest might not work either. So here are some tips to help you choose the right power bank for your heated vest.

The power-For instance, DOACEWear heated vest requires a power bank over 5V 2Amp. That means if you get a power bank lower than this standard, your heated vest can't work even if the power bank is connected to the vest. Double-check the output of the power bank and see if it is required for the standard of the heated vest.

The port-Some heated vest requires a USB port and some heated vest requires a DC port. So pay attention and make sure you buy the power bank with the right output port matches your heated vest.


Turn it on in advance

We will suggest you to turn the heated apparel on before you are going outdoor from indoors. The heated apparel might takes about 5-10 minutes to get to the temeperature you need to feel the warm. So if you are going out, turn it on about 10 minutes ealier and get it ready for going out.



A nice heated apparel will be great for you to keep warm during the cold season. Following the tips above,there shall be no problem for you to use the heated apparel to keep warm. If you have some questions still, contact  your brands and figure it out before the winter time.


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