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Heated vest Q&A-function section

Heated vest Q&A-Function section

Most people buy heated vests to keep warm during the winter season. Some might feel not very warm with the heated vest. Here are some reasons why you can't feel the warmth from the heated vest and how to make it right.This Heated vest Q&A will helps you to better find the reason.

Battery issue
The different heated vest has different requirement for the power bank. For instance for DOACEWear heated vest, as long as the power bank is over 5V2A. It can power up the heated vest. However, if your power bank is lower than 5V2A, the heated vest still can work but it can't provide full power to the heated vest and the heated vest can't heat up.

The solution to this issue is to change the power bank as the heated vest requires. If you do not know what kind of power bank it shall buy, you can check it in the product information or contact the team to ask for the information.

Wearing too big heated vest
Another reason might be people wearing too loose heated vests. Because of the gap between your body and the heated vest, the cold can come in and the heat will escape from the heated vest and you will not feel warm.

This can be fixed easily as long as pick up the right side of the heated vest. Check the size guide and confirm with the team to make sure the heated vest fits you and is not too loose.

Not using the right heating mode
Many heated vests have different heating levels. Like DOACEWear heated jacket, there are high, medium, and low heating modes. Sometimes if you don't know the heating mode, using low or medium heating mode might be not able to provide the warmth you need. Then you feel cold and think the heated vest is not working. If you pay more attention to the tutorial or manual, you can prevent this from happening.

In short, a heated vest is a great invention to keep people warm in daily winter life. If you are going to challenge some ultimate weather like going to climb to the top of a snowy mountain or going to the pole. You might need to consider the special gear for it. For most heated vests, if you followed the steps and tips, it shall be warming you up during the winter season.We hope this Heated vest Q&A can helps you after read.

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