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Counting the Eight Winter Events Not to Be Missed in Each State

Counting the Eight Winter Events Not to Be Missed in Each State

We all enjoy gatherings, and winter offers several festivals for family and friends to gather and hold religious and cultural activities. The arrival of the winter solstice marks the beginning of the shortening of long nights in the northern hemisphere. As the weather gets colder, the festive atmosphere begins to heat up~

Today, I would like to recommend eight good winter destinations to everyone. The special festivals held in these places will definitely make you linger and forget to leave!

In the past, winter was the season that could polish people's hearts the most. On warm days, people often have no time to savor time, only winter is a long and leisurely time.

The winter festival celebrates the beauty of freezing, bringing parades from polar diving to the mythical Nordic god king. Bring your brimless felt hat and heavy fluffy jacket: These festive winter fairyland will strike you in early 2023. Please enjoy this calm and relaxed state in your lonely self.

1. Fur trading

Fur trading

Time: February 25th to March 6th

Anchorage Fur Rendezvous, also known as "Fur Rondy" in Anchorage, Alaska, was first held in 1935, almost 40 years before the famous Iditarod Race.

This festival can be traced back to the city's "Fur Trading Day" (hence its name) and pays tribute to tradition through authentic fur auctions interspersed between events.

Attendees of the party can look forward to up to 20 cultural and sports events - including the World Champion Sled Dog Race, a three-day sprint race on Anchorage City Street and Forest Trail, and dozens of other "Around the City Marathons" held annually by local businesses.

There are also many activities organized by the community, ranging from Texas poker to snow carving competitions, as well as setting off fireworks, fun hiking, ice bowling, carnival parades, and so on.

2. Ice Castles

Ice Castles

Time: January to late February/early March (depending on weather conditions)

Ice Castle is a scenic spot built from a series of ice blocks, located in five different cities in Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Utah, and Wisconsin in the United States. The temperature in these places is very stable below zero, which is conducive to maintaining the long-term display of ice sculptures.

In the Ice Castle, everything seen is made of ice blocks and is "reborn" every year. These large sculptures are created by professional ice crystal artists who use hundreds of thousands of hand carved combinations of ice pillars (as well as some colored LED lights) to create crystal castles, caves, tunnels, and thrones.

Due to the unique material of ice blocks, each location of the exhibition is different each year, and the theme of the exhibition is also different. The scenery will change greatly from the previous year to the next year.

If you also enjoy ice and snow and fantasize about entering this fairytale like world, please visit here in January if the weather allows.

3. Winter Carnival by the Lake

Winter Carnival by the Lake

Time: February 18th to 20th

The most popular winter carnival in Oregon is one of the largest winter festivals in the state. Since it was held in the old mill district of Bend in 1999, it will move to a new location in central Oregon this year.

The new venue, Deschutes County Expo Center, will be able to adapt to the recent surge in popularity during the festival, accommodating more friends to participate. According to official estimates, tens of thousands of participants will gather here by 2023.

Spend a wonderful winter with people from the northwest of the Pacific and even from all over the world, immersed in live music and sculptures of fire, ice, and light.

Winter is often more beautiful due to holidays. As an open, multicultural, and multi-ethnic country, winter festivals in various regions, despite their different origins and customs, are all days to reunite with family and friends.

Regardless of whether the origin of the festival is religious or has cultural and historical significance, in the cold winter, I sincerely hope that every reader will spend it with their loved ones in a happy and joyful atmosphere~

4. Tahoe City Ice and Snow Festival

Tahoe City Ice and Snow Festival

Time: February 25th to March 6th

The ice and snow festival in Tahoe City, California was originally aimed at promoting the incredible weather and wonderful snow scenery in the Lake Tahoe area in early March (usually the off-season for skiing tourism).

Now, it has evolved into a ten day mountain carnival celebration, with nearly 100 activities all over North Taihao Lake, including carnival parties, Roasted sucking pig or Roasted baby pig dinners, dog sledges, dog clothing design competitions, fireworks display, as well as multiple parades, snow sculpture and ice sculpture competitions, snow scenery music concerts, ski competitions, polar bear swimming, and so on.

A plethora of activities awaits you to explore.

5. Great Northern Festival

Great Northern Festival

Time: January 27th to February 6th

The Great Northern Festival, held annually in Minneapolis and S ã o Paulo, is a ten day event filled with artistic and intellectual challenges to fight against the long, dark and oppressive winters of the Midwest.

This group of smart people will organize activities such as music and performance, film screenings, gallery exhibitions, art exhibitions, and conduct on-site interviews with some famous social activists, scientists, artists, and thought leaders. Party enthusiasts can enjoy winter carnivals and dance parties suitable for family gatherings, while sports enthusiasts can watch hockey championships, participate in winter hiking trips, and more.

The theme of addressing climate change and the environment runs through many different activities, emphasizing racial and cultural diversity.

6. Winter Sports Festival

Winter Sports Festival

Time: January 13th to 16th

Aspen, Colorado is a well-known winter destination for sightseeing. However, if you plan to visit Aspen during the skiing season, be sure to plan your trip during the Winter Sports Festival.

This event is a winter celebration event within a town, during which the entire resort town hosts a series of fun activities promoted by town residents and local businesses.

Here is a royal courtyard commemorating the honor of Aspen, hosting concerts, dog fashion shows, snow carving competitions, mountaineering activities, and traditional banquets - the torch lands from Aspen, exploding with fireworks, and surrounded by bonfires, full of power, creating a primitive burst of beauty.

7. Winter Ice and Fire Festival

Winter Ice and Fire Festival

Time: February 4th 6th

At the Fire and Ice Winter Fest in lava hot springs in Idaho, the best way to escape the cold is to soak in hot springs!

Hot springs are rich in more than 20 beneficial minerals and trace elements such as radon, lithium, and fluorine. Relaxing in all natural mineral hot springs can also give people a sense of seclusion and comfort. If you don't want to spend the entire trip in monotonous hot springs, you can relax after participating in these winter outdoor activities.

During the annual polar float parade, put on the strangest outfit you can put on and drift along the Potenov River. Watch local adventurers slide down the mountain holding lit torches. Participate in challenges such as devil's pepper competitions, wine tasting, costume parades, relay races, etc.

After going crazy, I invited a few friends to the famous geothermal pool to soak in hot springs, release the pressure of life, and purify my body and soul in nature. It's a great pleasure, and the cold outdoor fun all day will double the effect of the hot bath at night!

8. WinterWonderGrass Music Festival

WinterWonderGrass Music Festival

Time: held in February and April

WinterWonderGrass is a winter festival that combines music and beer held in various mountain cities across the country, including Stimbott, Colorado; Lake Tahoe, California; and Stratton, Vermont. Original bluegrass music and American country music provide you with an unparalleled audio-visual feast.

WWG has over 20 bluegrass bands and three large heated beer hall tents with their own stage within three days. As the festival is held during the peak skiing season, participants can also receive discounts on ski cable car packages during the event.

When going out to play in such a winter season, you must pay attention to keeping warm, otherwise everyone in the cold will also have an unpleasant time. So I would like to recommend a FUNPRO heated vest to everyone here. It is produced by the same company as ours, but it is an upgraded new brand. For example, we have added a neck heating function, increased the number of heating pads to 8, three adjustable temperature buttons, and added concealment by turning off the lights and heating. The external material is windproof, which locks in heat loss and makes you warmer.

funpro heated vest

Finally, I hope everyone has a happy winter and a warm day.

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