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Happy Christmas. Get 20% OFF with code "HC20"
Happy Christmas. Get 20% OFF with code "HC20"

About DOACEWear

DOACEWear was founded in 2017 as a professional heated apparel tech company. As part of DOACE, we focus on creating warmer and more comfortable heated apparel for people who love outdoor adventure, need to work outdoor, and dislike the winter cold.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Since we started selling on Amazon in 2017, we have brought warmth to over 20,000 customers. For every team member of DOACEWear, our mission is to bring the warmth people to need for enjoying their life anytime, anywhere.

Serious with every heated vest we make

QA standard

QA standard

Every heated vest need to passes three QA tests before we ship them out including the seam standatd test,button test,heat tempetature test.

Evey product will be check manual by our QA staff before we ship to our customer.

R&D development

R&D development

We have an R&D team for developing and improving our heated apparel products. When we decide to create a new model or change a function of our models. Here are essentials tests for every new change.

Crock meter test
USB plug test
Button test
Anti-corrosion test
Heating pads bending test
Aging test

Also, our founder team will test new models in our huge refrigerator (Minus 5 degrees) a couple of times to feel the new models before we launch the new model.

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Thank you for your support!

We are happy when you enjoy your outdoor fun with us.

We are happy when you are safe working outdoor with us.

We are happy when you never miss friend or family time during winter with us.

When you are happy having winter outdoor time with our products, it means we complete our mission. We deeply appreciate your support and hope we could spend more winter time together.

If you like to learn more about heated vest knowledge, feel free to visi tour blog.If you like to keep up with DOACEWear, feel free to follow our social accounts. DOACEWear thanks for your support and feedback and we hope we can bring more warmth to you.

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