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How APP Heated Vest Helps Outdoor Workers Stay Warm

How APP Heated Vest Helps Outdoor Workers Stay Warm

Cold weather often leaves outdoor workers feeling chilly, impacting their efficiency and comfort. To address this issue, we have introduced the upgraded heated vest—DOACE. This heated vest not only provides outstanding windproof and warmth performance but also features unique APP connectivity and smart control functions. You no longer need to unzip your jacket to touch the control buttons inside; a simple tap on your phone is all it takes, bringing outdoor workers a brand-new warming experience.

Now, let's take a look at the distinctive features of the DOACE heated vest:

1. Dimmable design, control the light as you wish
The DOACE heated vest adopts a dimmable design, ensuring unrestricted movement while enjoying extraordinary warmth. You can freely control the on/off of the light while the heated vest is working, providing a more personalized user experience.

2. 3 heating levels, choose freely
Equipped with a 4 IN 1 smart controller, the DOACE heated vest allows you to choose from 3 different heating levels according to personal preferences. The switches for the shoulders, waist, and abdomen can be operated separately, with red indicating high, green indicating medium, and blue indicating low. A single charge lasts for 8 hours, keeping you warm and comfortable in cold environments.

3. Smartphone APP connectivity, control everything anytime, anywhere
To address the inconvenience of operating buttons while wearing a jacket, the DOACE heated vest supports smartphone APP connectivity. Whether you're working outdoors, braving the cold, or seeking comfortable relaxation indoors, you can easily change heat settings through the HeatTech application, giving you control over everything anytime, anywhere, and eliminating the complexity found in other vests.

app's doace heated vest

4. 8 heating zones, intelligent temperature control
The DOACE heated vest covers 8 heating zones, including the back, abdomen, shoulders, and waist. In addition to manual mode, the controller has a built-in NTC that automatically adjusts the heating level based on the ambient temperature, allowing you to free your hands and enjoy the most comfortable warmth.

5. Ultra-light battery and long-lasting warmth
The DOACE heated vest is equipped with a 10000 mAh 5V/3A UL-certified battery pack, providing up to 8 working hours on a single charge. Additionally, the USB port design allows you to charge your smartphone and other devices, ensuring seamless communication during outdoor activities.

Applications of the DOACE Heated Vest:

The DOACE heated vest is designed for a wide range of people, especially suitable for the following groups:

  • Outdoor workers in cold weather
  • Outdoor enthusiasts engaged in activities like cycling and hiking
  • Individuals participating in winter sports

If you have family or friends experiencing cold conditions, be sure to get them a DOACE heated vest. It's not just warm clothing but also a heartwarming gift.
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