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DOACE Wear men heated vest-Black

DOACE Wear men heated vest-Black

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✔️ Up to 12 hours of warming 

✔️ 3 temperature settings- 149℉,131℉,113℉

✔️ 3 heating areas settings-chest, back, and stomach

✔️ Lightweight and soft, filled with nice quality cotton

✔️ Easy to connect with your USB power bank and easy to use

✔️ Heat up ready in 15 minutes

✔️ Good heat to reduce your muscle pain, cold intolerance, and stomach


Filled with great quality of cotton. It will keep you warm and comfortable during the winter season.


You could check the size lisr to choose the right size of heated vest.You can also click What is my size to help decide which size of heated vest to buy.

How to connect

Just simply connect the power bank and heated vest and then press the button to start heating up.

Machine washable?

Yes, it is machine washable. Just disconnect the power bank and keep the USB cord in the pocket, zip up and it is ready for a laundry. For more information, please read here.

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New features of DOACE heated vest

Why DOACE heated vest?

Fast heating:2.0 heating system could heat the heated vest faster than the 1.0 heating system

3-stage heating option: You could adjust the temperature based on your need

Deep pocket: Keep your stuff safe and easy

SBS zipper: Smoother zipping experience

Machine washable: Keep your heated jacket clean and new easily

Far-infrared magnetic therapy lining: Keep the warmth longer inside the jacket

External Strap: Hang your heated jacket easier

Safety light: The heating buttons could be recognized as a safety lights for your safety

Nanofibers wire heating-Heating: Get warm faster and safer, more comfortable

Multiple heating mode

DOACEWear upgraded the heating system to heating system 2.0. Get you warm in less than 10 minutes.

You could select differnt heating areas for your need-Belly,back,shoulder.

In high mode, the temperature gets to 149℉In medium mode, the temperature gets to 131℉In low mode, the temperature gets to 113℉