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Heat keep jacket for winter

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Introducing our must-have item of the season - the premium heat keep jacket for winter! Designed with the adventurous and stylish in mind, this jacket is perfect for all your winter outdoor activities. Made from high-quality polyester fabric, it's soft and comfortable and provides excellent breathability and warmth, so you can stay cozy and stylish while exploring the great outdoors.

Powered by a powerful power bank, this heat keep jacket for winter can keep you warm for up to 8 hours! That's right - you can stay warm and comfortable all day, whether fishing, hiking, camping, or just walking in the chilly winter air. This heat keeps a jacket for winter and is also perfect for outdoor work, keeping you warm and focused even in the coldest conditions.

With multiple pocket designs, you can easily store your phone, keys, and other essentials while on the go. Plus, the water-resistant and wind-resistant design ensures that you can confidently take on any weather conditions, keeping you safe and protected during your outdoor journey.

Upgrade your winter wardrobe with the premium heat-keep jacket for winter - the ultimate combination of style, comfort, and functionality.


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1*heated jacket

1*user manual

1*laundry bag

1*12V-14400 power bank

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Machine washable
Up to 16 heating pads
3 heating levels
Breathable design

Fast heating:2.0 heating system could heat the heated vest faster than the 1.0 heating system

3-stage heating option: You could adjust the temperature based on your need

SBS zipper: Smoother zipping experience

Machine washable: Keep your heated jacket clean and new easily

Far-infrared magnetic therapy lining: Keep the warmth longer inside the jacket

External Strap: Hang your heated jacket easier

Safety light: The heating buttons could be recognized as a safety lights for your safety

Nanofibers wire heating-Heating: Get warm faster and safer, more comfortable

Multiple protection:Waterproof,Windproof and Scrape-proof design makes you ready for the challenge.

Read to go jacket

Multiple pocket design,strap design,detachable hood. Ready to go anytime

Magic tap

Feel free to choose your magic tap you love

Hood design

Resist the cold wind when outdoor

QC3.0 battery

QC3.0 battery

Not just a battery for your heated jacket, also for your Phone,pad charging.