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What is heated clothing and how does it work?

Heated apparel is a fabric that provides heating options to the wearer. It is a type of power clothing used for different occasions and levels of comfort. It can be worn over or under clothing and comes in wide varieties. Still, lots of people are skeptical about them, and tons don't know a lot about them. Keep reading, and you can know What is heated clothing and how does it work.

How do Heated Jackets Work?
The working principle of a heated vest is simple: an electric current passes through a metal wire, and the resulting heat warms up the jacket, which helps you keep warm in the cold. The heating elements are placed inside the vest's lining, so you won't feel hot wearing it. You need to connect the power bank and the heated vest by the cord, then press the button to adjust the temperature stage you like, and it heats up.

Are Heated Jackets Safe?
With the protection layers, your body will not be directly in contact with the heating pads. The heat will be conducted to the human body slowly via the layer. So we don't need to worry about burning our skin when using the heated vest.

Doacewear heated vests are all intelligently heated, using a power bank as an energy source. The power bank is small and low in voltage, far lower than the voltage for safe electricity use. In short, the heated apparel is safe if you follow the guide to operate it right.

How Warm can heated apparel be?
The temperature of a heated vest can be adjusted freely, which can easily cope with temperature changes. Takes DOACEWear apparel as an example--Three temperature stages from low to high are 113℉,131℉, and 149℉. Up to 149℉, it is time to say goodbye to the cold. Just connect the 5V power bank and be ready to warm up. Our art team also upgraded the design this year to keep you warm and stylish.

Is Heated Apparel Machine Washable?
Yes, our DOACEWear heated vests are totally machine washable. First things, disconnect and remove the battery pack from the battery holder. Secondly, Remember to put the power cable back into the power and zip it CLOSED. We don't want it getting wet! The pocket could protect the cable and ensure it would not get wet. Next, when putting it in the washer, use a laundry or mesh bag on a gentle cycle. Never use bleach! Cleaning solvents that strong could cause the heating insulation to deteriorate. Once the apparel is done washing, hang dry.

Is Heated Apparel Worth it?
Is the electric heated vest popular on cold days worth buying? Let's look at the benefits of the heated vest. Then you will know the answer!
Stay Warm
The heating sheet of the heated vest uses carbon fiber heating wire as the heating material. It has good electric heating performance and fast heating speed. The heating sheet is very soft and lightweight, and wearing it has no strange feeling. The heated vests have an excellent thermal effect. For instance, the DOACEWear heated vest can reach the highest temperature within a few minutes by heating with one button on the clothes.

Enjoy Outdoor Even in Winter
Let's imagine that you are in cold weather. Would you prefer to go outside for a fun winter with ice fishing, skiing, snowboarding and so on? At this time, you need a DOACEWear heated vest. Then you will enjoy a different winter by roaring a bonfire on a cold winter night.

Less Prone to Injury
Warm-up is essential for a winter outdoor activities. Due to the low temperature, the extensibility of human muscles is reduced, and the joints are relatively stiff, resulting in muscle strains and joint sprains. Wearing a heated vest can quickly achieve a good warm-up effect. Wait until your body sweat slightly and the pores open, which can reduce the possibility of sports injuries.

Is Heated Apparel Heavy?
Heated apparel is an innovative wearable technology that heats the body to maintain a comfortable temperature while wicking away moisture. The question you're probably wondering: "Is heated apparel heavy?" The answer is no. None of our products even come close to being considered "heavy." For example, the net weight of our DOACEWear men's heated vest is only 0.88 pounds, which makes you feel like a second skin.

How long can a heated clothing last?

That really depends on several factors-how many heating setting,heating zones and your power bank.For instance, the DOACEWear heated vest can last up to 8-10 hours in average heating setting. Wearing a heated jacket is warm and cozy but also remember to turn the jacket off when you don't need the power heat.It can makes your heat longer.

With the added features and benefits, there is no doubt that heated vests have a place among the best winter apparel out there. They can provide a perfect fit under your regular coat, protect you from the harsh winds, keep you warm during cold days, and charge your phone simultaneously. After learning something interesting about heated apparel, now you know What is heated clothing and how does it work.Hope you can get your dream heated clothing.

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