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Are heated jackets good for your health?

Are heated jackets good for your health?

Heated vests are popular during cold seasons because there are many benefits of heated jackets like improving blood circulation, reducing muscle pain, and recovering from injuries. So it is a blog that tells the benefits that a heated jacket could bring to us in health.


What is a Heated vest?

The heated vest is literally what it means: a vest that uses carbon nanofiber-based heating elements to keep you warm. It's simple to use, just keep the battery charged and press the on-off button to keep heating.

The electric heated vest is light, soft, durable, safe, and practical. The heating piece of the vest is mainly arranged on the chest, back, abdomen, waist, and back neck. All parts of the heated vest are waterproof. Therefore, it can be safely washed in water, either by machine or hand, but the battery needs to be removed before cleaning. Multi-zone heating, temperature adjustable, keeps vital organs warm. The temperature can be adjusted freely and can cope with changes in ambient temperature, which is very convenient.

A man is wearing a heated jacket in Newyork street

Let's talk about the benefits of a heated vest:

  • -Promote blood circulation
  • -Reduce muscle pain
  • -Relieve dysmenorrhea
  • -Prevent getting clod

A heated jacket could improve blood circulation

After the Heated Vest is powered up, in addition to making your body feel warm, it can also promote the body's blood circulation and metabolism. Just like a warm compress to promote local blood circulation. The first point is that it can speed up the blood circulation of body tissues and promote the expansion of small arteries, which is conducive to the swimming of white blood cells, and at the same time, it is conducive to the exudation of complement components in the plasma, which can promote coagulation and anti-infection. The second point is to promote the expansion of venules, which is conducive to the reabsorption of interstitial fluid, the absorption of bacterial components in necrotic tissue, the reduction of edema, and the elimination of local tissue necrosis.

People usually work in the office for a long time, which will lead to blood vessel blockage, back pain, etc. Therefore, the physiotherapy effect of a heated vest can just eliminate these symptoms in the body.


Reduce muscle pain and help repair muscles

The heated vest is light and soft and does not affect human activities after wearing it. While the vest is heated and warm, it also has a physiotherapy effect, which can relieve fatigue and soreness, and both keep warm and health care. Muscle soreness can be relieved by warm compresses because, after exercise, the muscles are exercised, and usually many parts of the human body are sore since hot compresses can promote the blood circulation of the whole body, at the same time eliminate fatigue, with the help of heat transfer soreness will also be reduced.

The heated vest can promote blood circulation, increase blood supply, increase oxygen supply, and improve the symptoms of muscle pain. Promote the rapid metabolic transport of metabolites and help relieve muscle pain symptoms.


Relieve dysmenorrhea, especially in the winter season

Women experience menstruation every month, and some people have dysmenorrhea. This is not a trivial matter that is accustomed to. On the contrary, in severe cases, they may faint or even worse.

Suffer from cold during menstruation can cause uterine contractions, resulting in blood stasis and dysmenorrhea. Therefore, women must pay attention to keeping warm during menstruation. Avoid getting wet in rain or swimming during menstruation, and try to avoid staying in damp and cool places. Cold food is also not edible, such as fruit, ice cream, cold drinks, etc.

The first thing to relieve dysmenorrhea is to pay attention to is to keep warm. It is necessary to keep the body warm, because it can accelerate blood circulation and relax the muscles, especially in the pelvic area with spasms and congestion, drink warm water, it is also useful to place a hot pack or hot water bag on the abdomen for a few minutes at a time, or use moxa sticks to scald the lower abdomen. These methods are quite effective for relieving dysmenorrhea. By the way, a heated vest will make your body warm after wearing it, just put it on and press the button, which is very suitable for menstruation. This is a very simple way to relieve dysmenorrhea.

Also, you could match with your fashion outfits to keep fashion and warm together. 


Keep you away from those cold diseases when outdoors

Although influenza in winter is not a serious disease, once you get it, it may afflict you for several months. The heated vest heats up fast, has a good thermal insulation effect, and is comfortable to wear, which can make the wearer feel comfortable in the cold environment. The thermal insulation experience does not affect work and life, it just improves the happiness of life. Relevant studies have shown that changes in ambient temperature, airflow speed, and the wearing order of multiple layers of clothing have a significant impact on the thermal efficiency of heating clothing. Taking into account, the heating vest worn in the middle layer of clothing is more conducive to keeping warm and more practical.



In short, a heated jacket is good for your health and a good investment to make. Doacewear heated vest can heat up to 45~65℃ in a few minutes. There are three temperature controls, that warms the whole body according to your needs. It can release infrared light waves, has physiotherapy function, promotes blood circulation in the body, relieve muscle fatigue. Both men's and women's models are available. Whether you buy it for yourself or give it to the elderly, or friends with backache, it is a good gift in winter.


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