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How to bring a heated apparel to a flight?

How to bring a heated apparel to a flight?

Traveling to somewhere cold? How do we keep warm? Here is our solution for you. Imagine you are traveling to somewhere very cold, it is difficult to keep warm with ordinary clothes, and there is a large temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, it is very likely to catch a cold, at this time, will you think of heated vest? but many people don't know whether heated clothes can be brought on the plane. Let's take a look at the relevant regulations of TSA.
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Before you go to the airport

  • check the airline regulations before you bring it
  • Check whether your power bank is approved to bring to a flight(TSA rule for home flight)
  • For an international flight, better call the airline to double-check.

TSA specific restrictions on Heated Jackets / Sweaters. Heated Jackets / Sweaters

  1. Carry On Bags: Yes (Special Instructions)
  2. Checked Bags: Yes (Special Instructions)
  3. All spare lithium batteries and power banks must be carried in carry-on baggage kept with the passenger in the aircraft cabin.
  4. For more info, you could check the TSA restrictions here.

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When boarding
Heated clothing is allowed on airplanes in your carry-on luggage
Heated clothing can be stored in a checked bag only if power banks & batteries are packed in your carry-on.
If you wear it before boarding, you need to disconnect the battery when passing the security, take off your heated apparel to place the jacket on the conveyor belt, so it gets scanned, or put it in your carry-on luggage
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Why you shall bring a heated vest for a flight
Whether you travel to cold places or just want to do outdoor activities in the mountains, you need heated clothing to keep warm. As a traveler, it's important to always carry a self-heating jacket with you. Due to extreme weather changes, you never know whether it's snowing or raining at your destination.

Bringing a heated vest for a flight can help you get ready for the cold after the flight and keep yourself warm for the unknown weather change.

Although there is a central heating system on the plane, once you get to your destination and go out of the door, you will feel colder. It's like a cold fist hitting your chest. Whether you want to get to a hotel or somewhere else, it will take some time. Or if you want to board from a cold place, you need a heated vest to keep warm. The heated vest can adjust the temperature according to your needs, which brings you unexpected convenience.

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If you don't want to be overwhelmed when faced with the cold in a new place. You could get heated apparel from DOACEWear with you. we suggest if you don't want to spend extra time at the checking point, better check with the airline first.

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